About Us

What is all about us?

Al-Shaymaa Private Limited was founded in 2009 with a vision and values of respect, integrity, excellence, innovation, leadership, teamwork and initiative. These values along with our commitment to high standards are constantly upheld as we are serving our customers, employees, partners, shareholders and community.

Al-Shaymaa Private Limited uses the technology of the future for meeting the challenges and concerns of today, setting new benchmarks, making life, location better/safer to live and be in.

Realizing the gaps in today’s tracking industry; Al-Shaymaa is providing a state-of-the-art system with extensive features for Vehicle Surveillance and Fleet Management.

Unlike other tracking providers in the market, our device is not just an improvised tracking unit to the country, it is an Anti-Jamming GPS enabled completely programmable Vehicle Surveillance & Fleet Management System, having multiple lines of control for the vehicle. We have integrated this unit with the most modern infrastructure, programming it with a capability to provide real time reports on the web, as well as directly to the owner’s mobile phone.

Our Mission

To dedicate our resources, energies with our passion and commitment in deploying innovative technologies for enhancing living standards through secure vital factors touching people’s lives every day. To rise above self and meet and exceed far beyond our clients expectations offering them the “3 Strength” concept – strength of Technology, Strength of Service and Strength of People.

Our Vision

We will continue to inspire advanced technology platform for delivering cutting-edge solutions. A visionary leadership backed by a highly dedicated and passionate team of professionals helps turn this into a pulsating reality, touching the fabric of Pakistan, uncompromising ethical business practices and constantly improving and delighting our clients is our hallmark of success and business continuity.